Catalyst Dispensers 15ml & 80ml




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Action: Squeezing the body of the bottle accurately fills the output chamber to the required volume ready for dispensing by simply tipping the bottle and pouring the measured liquid from the chamber.

Available in colour and with lids











  Code CD 15 | CD 80  
  Reservoir 1/2L | 1L
  Calibration 15ml | 80ml
  Increments 0.5ml | 5ml
  Quantity/box 100 | 50
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These Liquid Dispensers are moulded from a durable, high grade flexible polypropylene which is calibrated to an accuracy of 0.5ml.

The inexpensive construction of these units’ renders them cost effectively disposable. They are ideal for use with difficult fluids where cleaning would be unacceptable.

When used for fluids with normal cleaning properties, the containers have an unrestricted life expectancy.

Available with lids and in colours blue, green, red & orange. Please contact for more information.