Paddle Roller


This is our most popular and best value roller.

It is manufactured from aluminium extrusion, mounted on a galvanised wire frame with an ergonomic plastic handle.










  Part No. Description  
    Length x Diameter
  P258 50 X 15mm
  P358 70 x 15mm
  P458 100 x 15mm
  P658 140 x 15mm
  P278 50 x 21mm
  P378 70 x 21mm
  P478 100 x 21mm
  P678 140 x 21mm
  P878 180 x 21mm
  P978 225 x 21mm
  P1581 25 x 40mm
  P1582 50 x 40mm
  P1583 70 x 40mm
  P1584 100 x 45mm
  P1586 140 x 40mm
  P1588 180 x 40mm
  P1589 225 x 40mm
  Long Reach
  LRP358 Long Reach 70 x 15mm
  LRP378 Long Reach 70 x 21mm
  LRP458 Long Reach 100 x 15mm
  LRP478 Long Reach 100 x 21mm
  LRP678 Long Reach 140 x 21mm
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