Push-Fit Range

As with all GRP products, high quality comes as standard. These are not paint rollers. They have been engineered for the GRP industry.




  • Available in various lengths.
  • Blue Stripe
  • Velour
  • Long Hair / Polyester
  Part No. Description  
    Length x Diameter
  PLR150A 6" Long Pile Refill
  PSR150AS 6" Velour Refill
  PLR180A 7" Long Pile Refill
  PSR180A 7" Velour Refill
  BSR150 6" Blue Stripe Refill
  BSR180 7" Blue Stripe Refill
  BSR225 9" Blue Stripe Refill
  WFPG150/8 6" Wire Frame
  WFPG175 7" Wire Frame
  WFPG225 9" Wire Frame
  WFPG150/6 150 x 6 Galvanised Wire Frame
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