Premium Range


As with all GRP products, high quality comes as standard. These are not paint rollers. They have been specifically engineered for the GRP industry.



  • ┬áConstructed from high-grade polyester.
  • Heat bonded onto a polypropylene shaft.
  Part No. Description  
  WF75 3" Wire Frame
  WF100 4" Wire Frame
  WF150 6" Wire Frame
  WF225 9" Wire Frame
  Long Pile Polyester Refill
  LHR75 3" Long Pile Refill
  LHR100 4" Long Pile Refill
  LHR150 6" Long Pile Refill
  LHR225 9" Long Pile Refill
  Short Pile Mogloss Refill
  SHR75 3" Short Pile Refill
  SHR100 4" Short Pile Refill
  SHR150 6" Short Pile Refill
  SHR225 9" Short Pile Refill
  Complete Rollers Long Pile
  LH75 3" Long Pile Roller
  LH100 4" Long Pile Roller
  LH150 6" Long Pile Roller
  LH225 9" Long Pile Roller
  Complete Rollers Short Pile
  SH75 3" Short Pile Roller
  SH100 4" Short Pile Roller
  SH150 6" Short Pile Roller
  SH225 9" Short Pile Roller
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